Event report

Meet the CEO with CFAO Motors Kenya Ltd.

Meet the CEO, a series that provides a forum for discussion and interaction with industry leaders.

What an eye opening and timely discussion! Today, members of the French Chamber of Commerce Kenya spent their morning engaging in conversation on all matters relevant to the automotive industry. The talk, in partnership with CFAO Motors Kenya Ltd, was centered on the shift from Internal Combustion Engine Vehicles to Electric Vehicles. This was discussed paying particular attention to the role CFAO Motors Kenya Ltd. plays in mitigating climate change as part of their corporate social responsibility activities. The speaker, Mr. Arvinder Singh Reel, managing director at CFAO, in light of, this shared the company’s vision and medium and long-term strategy. This was underscored as relevant and necessary.

In quoting the United Nations Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, remarks at the just concluded Africa Climate Summit, the MD recognized that in being part of the solution to climate change Africa has the potential to be the frontrunner in renewable energy, sustainable land use and innovative technology. CFAO Motors Kenya Ltd therefore, in its aim to half its carbon emission by 2030 and become carbon neutral by 2050, recognizes the viability of Electric Vehicles in the Kenyan Market and advises on a gradual shift. This cautious move, the MD pointed out, bears in mind the following challenges associated with Electric Vehicles:

  • Range- Limited range of approximately 300km.
  • Availability of electricity- is there sufficient electricity to power both electric vehicles and other sectors of the economy?
  • Charging infrastructure.
  • High cost of initial purchase.

The way forward, he urged, is to take up hybrid vehicles in the medium term and transition to Electric vehicles and other technology such as hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles in the long term. This is notably in line with the organization’s medium and long term strategy and vision.

The breakfast meeting concluded in a lively Q&A session that brought to the fore the willingness to shift to electric vehicles, both in response to climate change and as a means of growing the vehicle manufacture industry in Kenya. At the end, the members enjoyed a guided private tour of the CFAO showroom. We at the French Chamber of Commerce appreciate all who were part of this forum.



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