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Why this project?

🌍 Kenya is currently facing an unprecedented drought emergency, deemed as the worst in the past 40 years. It is estimated that a total of 6.4 million people will be in dire need of assistance in 2023, with children making up 67% of this staggering number.

💧 The demand for water from mechanized sources has surged, resulting in increased wear and tear on the boreholes. Consequently, communities find themselves desperately reliant on water trucking by county governments and humanitarian actors to meet their water needs. Unfortunately, this intervention is both costly and unsustainable.

🌱 This project proposes a comprehensive solution to improve access to safe drinking water for communities in northern Kenya. It entails rehabilitating strategic water assets, extending pipelines to schools and health facilities, promoting crucial hygiene practices, providing training to water management committees, and implementing sustainable cost recovery systems.

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The Mission

What ? 

A total of 5 water assets (boreholes) have been pre-identified with communities and County Water Departments as being in high need for repair. 


13,050 people are expected to directly benefit from improved access to safe drinking water and hygiene practices. The total duration and budget of the project may vary based on the selected boreholes for rehabilitation.​​




This project will improve access to safe drinking water to communities in northern Kenya such as Marsabit.

How ? 

Through the rehabilitation of 5 strategic water assets, complemented with pipeline extension to schools and health facilities, hygiene promotion, training of water management committees and installation of cost recovery systems.

They took action! Amount raised: over 155,000 euros.

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