CSR Stories

Welcome to CSR Stories: An Initiative by the Chamber

Share your story, learn from others, and help build a more sustainable and responsible corporate world.

Enlighten. Engage. Evolve. 

This year we launched the CSR Stories: a platform where knowledge and experience on CSR topics blend with innovation and ambition.

Our Goals

Sharing Knowledge and Fostering Dialogue

The objective of CSR Stories is to promote the exchange of insights, experiences, and groundbreaking ideas about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. We aim to provide a space that allows our members to engage in in-depth discussions, fostering a culture of learning and exploration.

Connect with Like-minded Professionals

This platform will serve as a melting pot for professionals who are eager to connect and collaborate. Here, you can learn from your peers, share your own CSR experiences, and maybe even start exciting new projects together.

Practical Strategies for CSR Integration

One of the main goals of CSR Stories is to provide you with practical and applicable strategies to integrate CSR into your corporate culture. We believe that implementing CSR is not just a good business practice, but a necessity in today's world.

Learn from the Experts

Our events bring together speakers from a diverse range of companies - from large international corporations to dynamic smaller businesses. These experts will showcase their CSR initiatives through authentic case studies, and share their unique strategies and visions.  


Join us in shaping the future of CSR. Stay tuned for upcoming events!

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