The FCCK provides valuable training opportunities to support the growth of your business and equip you with essential skills and knowledge. These trainings are designed to empower you with the tools and know-how necessary to foster business development effectively.


Empowering Kenyan & French Startups

Our French Tech partnership fuels innovation and entrepreneurship. Dynamic events unite entrepreneurs, startups, experts, and investors. Networking, competitions, workshops, and panels foster collaboration and growth. Do you wish to upskill as an entrepreneur? We have it covered for you.

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Tax Hot Desk with Grant Thornton

Introducing our Legal Hot Desk: Expert guidance in Employment Law. Partnering with Gold Members, we offer exclusive consultations to address your legal concerns and navigate Employment Law confidently. Take control of your legal matters with our support. The Legal Hot Desk is here for you.

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Learn French

Are you interested in enhancing the skills of your staff and offering them the opportunity to learn French? The FCCK collaborates with multiple partners to promote the French language within its business community.

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Learn Swahili

Do you want to accelerate the integration of your foreign staff and bridge cultural gaps? Do you wish to reinforce the collaboration among your teams ? Train your staff to speak Swahili to boost your business efficiency.

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Up-skill with our Expert committees

The FCCK hosts annual events for department managers in various fields to share best practices and gain market insights. These events include committees dedicated to health, energy, and other relevant topics, promoting collaboration and knowledge exchange.

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Trade Missions and Cultural Training

From trade missions, delegation hosting, cultural training, to B2B meeting organization, unlock the potential of the Kenyan market with support from the French Chamber of Commerce and our partner Business France. Gain valuable insights and confidently navigate Kenya's business culture.

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