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Leadership Talks#1: Mindful Leadership.

The workshop dedicated to top managers

On February 8th, we hosted the first session of the Leadership Talks entitled "Mindful Leadership: find your style!" in partnership with Caroline Englund, Founder & Managing Director at Empactive Solutions.

Hosted at Ibis Hotel, one of our member hotels, we would like to thanks to Caroline Englund for this dynamic, rich and insight for top Managers looking to enhance their leadership skills. 

How can one practice mindful leadership? As change is a constant, leadership is a journey. Here are some Quick Wins you may want to keep in mind: 

  • Effective leaders have emotional intelligence.
  • Self-regulation is key to control your thoughts & emotions.
  • Showing empathy helps everyone in the team to grow

Mindful Leadership influences how you lead but also can also have a long term impact on your business turnover and internal communication. By enhancing your leadership skills, you enhance your business!

Stay tuned for the second session of the Leadership Talks dedicated to "Purposeful Leadership!".

Coming up next: 

  • Leadership Talks #2: Focused Leadership: "Do you speak ESG?" on May 17
  • Leadership Talks #3: Transformational Leadership: "The Change Agent" September 20
  • Leadership Talks #4: The Leadership Challenge: "How to Make the Right Decision" November 22

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Please note that these sessions are especially dedicated to members of the French Chamber of Commerce.

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