Event report

Leadership Talk #1

Navigating 2024 Risk Landscape and Resilience.

We are thrilled to share insights from today's Leadership Talk where Robert Hutchinson from Control Risks discussed the 2024 risk landscape. He highlighted the impact of geopolitical shifts, security threats, operational challenges, regulatory changes, and cyber risks on organizations worldwide. With power dynamics changing rapidly, vigilance is crucial. 

  • The Great Realignment: Hutchinson emphasized the significance of adapting to the great realignment, where geopolitical competition and localization are reshaping global business strategies.
  • Uncertainty Paralysis – US Politics and China Economy: Meanwhile, uncertainties stemming from China's economic downshift and US presidential politics could have profound geopolitical implications.
  • Climate Disruption: Climate disruption emerged as a major concern, exacerbating existing challenges such as conflicts and political instability.
  • Trust Deficit: The discussion also delved into the risks associated with the Public Artificial Intelligence race, including cyber-attacks and regulatory pressures.
  • Risk Management Overload: Looking ahead, we anticipate a peak in crisis complexity, driven by economic pressures, extreme weather events, and evolving risks.

In our second session, Caroline Englund from Empactive Solutions provided valuable insights into crisis management. She emphasized the importance of prioritizing self-management, developing coping strategies, and leveraging stress as a catalyst for growth. Surprisingly, simple breathing exercises were highlighted as effective tools for managing uncertainty. In summary, proactive risk management strategies and personal resilience will be crucial for navigating the challenges of 2024.

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