Event report

Improving Healthcare Systems in East Africa - Presentation & Panel Discussion

French Embassy's Economic Department presentation on Healthcare Infrastructures in E.A, followed by a panel discussion led by Serawit Bruck-Landais.

In today's Breakfast Meeting, we delved into the complexities and opportunities of healthcare in East Africa, addressing critical challenges and outlining pathways for progress. Here's a comprehensive overview:

1. Presentation Insights:

Mathieu Ecoiffier introduced the event, setting the stage for Jeanne Guiouillier's presentation on the Health Sector Strategic Plan.

Private Sector Influence:

  • In 2020, the private sector and external financing significantly contributed to healthcare expenditure, with Kenya's private sector alone accounting for 40% of medical equipment purchases.
  • International donors played a crucial role in supporting healthcare infrastructure.

Infrastructure Challenges:

  • Despite external support, persistent deficiencies in basic facilities like water, electricity, and human resources continue to hamper healthcare delivery.

Long-term Opportunities:

  • Opportunities exist for achieving Universal Health Coverage by 2030 through initiatives such as modern hospital construction, equipment provision, knowledge transfer, and digitization of the health sector.

2. Panelists and Insights:

Under the adept moderation of Serawit Bruck-Landais, PhD., the panel discussions were both insightful and engaging.

Emilian Popa (Ilara Health):

  • Addressed challenges faced by small clinics and stressed the importance of infrastructure investment and quality healthcare.

Dr. Joanne R. Korir (Equity Group Foundation):

  • Highlighted the capital-intensive nature of healthcare investment and Equity's commitment to enhancing socio-economic prosperity and healthcare accessibility for all.

Edouard Homasson (L'Oréal Dermatological Beauty East Africa):

  • Discussed the need for enhanced access to specialist care and L'OrĂ©al's initiatives in facilitating this access.

Soumeya Loucif (bioMĂ©rieux) and Frederic Bernabeu (Servier):

  • Emphasized the critical role of testing in combating antimicrobial resistance and engaged in discussions on healthcare financing, disease awareness, and healthcare-seeking behavior.

The audience actively participated, raising thought-provoking questions on equipment sustainability, cancer screening, and community health education expansion.

Today's discussion was a testament to the collaborative efforts required to overcome healthcare challenges and promote Universal Health Coverage. We extend our gratitude to all participants for their valuable contributions and insights, and we look forward to continuing the journey toward a healthier future.

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