Event report

Business Breakfast with Adili Group

Data Security & Building Cyber Resilience in your Organization.

We just concluded an insightful discussion in partnership with Adili Group on the implications of AI on Data Security and Cyber Resilience within Organizations. Here are some highlights:

Wangui Kaniaru, Partner at ALN Kenya | Anjarwalla & Khanna kickstarted the conversation by highlighting AI as an emerging risk, especially concerning data protection and cyber resilience.

The data we input into AI systems can be monetized and affect us in unforeseen ways, presenting an existential threat. It is imperative to address the accompanying risks.

Cybersecurity Risks: Transparency, consent, and robust data management are crucial to preventing breaches, misuse of aggregated data, and identity theft. Ensuring consent and avoiding identity theft are critical, especially in targeted marketing.

Industry Applications: AI is transforming various sectors by optimizing processes, enhancing efficiency and improving outcomes.

Challenges in Business Processes: Many organizations are unaware of how employees use AI, leading to specific industry risks. Mbabu Muturi, Head of Cyber and Technology Solutions at Adili Group discussed scalable strategies to mitigate these risks, highlighting AI's role in spotting threats and monitoring leaks.

Emerging Trends: AI is reshaping how we operate, pushing us to share more information and increasing the risk of unethical AI usage. Training and monitoring AI usage in the workplace are crucial for business leaders to understand and mitigate these risks.

In conclusion, while AI presents numerous opportunities, it also brings significant risks. Organizations must be proactive in understanding and managing these risks to protect their data and ensure cyber resilience.

Many thanks to our expert speakers and to everyone who participated and shared their insights on navigating the complexities of AI and cybersecurity

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