Breakfast Meeting with Hon. Abubakar Hassan Abubakar, Principal Secretary, State Department for Investment Promotion

Nurturing Economic Prosperity: A Joint Venture with State Department for Investment Promotion

In a significant stride towards fostering economic growth, we recently had the privilege of hosting a breakfast meeting on 11th  December 2023, featuring Hon. Abubakar Hassan Abubakar, the Principal Secretary of the State Department for Investment Promotion within the Ministry of Investment, Trade, and Industry in Kenya. This insightful session unfolded as a crucial step in our collective commitment to shaping a business landscape that encourages growth, innovation, and prosperity.

Our heartfelt appreciation goes to Hon. Abubakar Hassan Abubakar for providing us with a comprehensive understanding of the indispensable role his office plays in advancing trade and investment in Kenya. The session highlighted the pivotal efforts in bridging the gap between the private and public sectors, creating a conducive business environment that is truly commendable.

The meeting unveiled various policies and tools aimed at cultivating a business-friendly atmosphere in Kenya. Notable among these are the new tax policy, investment promotion tool, special economic zones authority, and a de-risking tool. These elements underscore the commitment to providing investors with a supportive and facilitative ecosystem.

A unique and genuine Q&A session further enriched our knowledge in addressing tax and business development concerns for investors. The introduction of key players, including Mr. Stephen Odua, Director of Private Sector Development in the Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Cooperatives, the State Department for Immigration and Citizens Services, and the French Chamber of Commerce Kenya, showcased a collaborative effort to resolve challenges and ensure Kenya remains an attractive destination for global investors.

We extend our sincere appreciation to the Office of the State Department for Investment Promotion for their invaluable commitment to shaping a business landscape that encourages growth, innovation, and prosperity. The opportunity to serve as an avenue between foreign investors and the esteemed office is a responsibility we cherish.

The collaborative efforts with the State Department of Investment Promotion play a pivotal role in connecting investors with strategic resources and opportunities. This support is instrumental in driving economic growth and ensuring the success of businesses operating in Kenya. We eagerly anticipate contributing to and experiencing the fruitful outcomes of this collaboration.

As we raise our glasses to a brighter future for business in Kenya, we acknowledge the crucial role played by the State Department for Investment Promotion. Together, we forge ahead towards a landscape that not only attracts global investors but also cultivates an environment conducive to sustained economic prosperity.

A special thanks to all our members in attendance and cheers to the shared journey ahead!

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