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Breakfast Meeting With BrighterMonday

Understanding the Kenya’s Talent Landscape!

To understand the growing dynamic in the Job Market, we held a breakfast meeting with our Silver Member BrighterMonday on the 7th of November 2023 to discuss Kenya’s Talent Landscape.

Shedding light on the topic was Chris Otundo, CEO at BrighterMonday. Mr.Otundo gave detailed statistics on Africa’s Economic Gateway and Kenya’s Economic drivers, it was evident that the Kenyan population was growing each day, and the scarcity of job opportunities was increasing at a higher rate. Expanding on the issue, Chris mentioned that there were over 42,000 job applicants vying for 139 job listings. He also emphasized that the ripple effect that this growth was causing was the birth of the gig economy and remote working structure. Many individuals opt to work on a consultancy agreement rather than employability structures.

In addition, Mr.Otundo emphasized the top institutions that were recruiting were government and non-governmental these included areas like teaching institutions, engineering, accounting, and research. On the flipside industries such as advertising, media, and communications are experiencing a lower recruitment rate.

Brian Ntambirweki, COO at The African Talent Company (TATC), currently working with BrighterMonday to bridge the talent gap in Africa, highlighted some of the partnerships they have done with Mastercard including training of young people on soft skills and providing internship opportunities in some of their branches to build on these skills.

He also emphasized the need to work on your soft skills as a job seeker, to increase your employability rate and to fit in the current job market. The development of these skills will help to bridge the gap that AI (Artificial Intelligence) and human skills have created.

The session ended with a networking session!

We extend our appreciation to all the members who took their time to attend the meeting and a big thank you to BrighterMonday for partnering with us.

We look forward to future engagements!

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