Event report

Become the Change Agent.

The third session of our Leadership Talks series.

The third session of our Leadership series was a success!

This morning members of the French Chamber of Commerce took part in a workshop that tackled the ABC’s of Change Strategy. The seminar attracted participants from a myriad of sectors: finance, health, security, energy, legal and real estate among others. Whether in mergers and acquisitions, leadership transition, restructuring or big technology implementation, all these fields encounter some form of change in the organization. Recognizing that, Caroline Englund, founder and managing director at Empactive Solutions led a seminar that equipped us with knowledge and practical tips to understand and navigate change.

When handling leadership in change, the speaker underscored the importance of people-centric leadership. Seeing as human resource is essential to any organization, having their humanity in contemplation while executing any form of change is a determining factor in the success of the initiative being undertaken. She added that the following people-centered qualities and practices are vital in leading an organization through change: communication, transparency, anticipation, empathy, co-creation, adaptability and team work.

After gaining understanding on why and how change is a recurrent phenomenon in our professional lives, the seminar took us through a step by step process of managing change:

  • Understanding why the current state is not working.
  • Coming up with a team of change champions.
  • Developing the change vision and strategy.
  • Communicating with clarity and empathy.
  • Empowering others to act.
  • Producing short term wins.
  • Keep going.
  • Create a new culture.
  • Have fun and enjoy the process!

We appreciate Empactive Solutions for partnering with us on this workshop as well as all who were able to attend.

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