Awards 2020: Best Entrepreneur

Awards 2020: Best Entrepreneur

About this Award
This award aims to celebrate the best entrepreneur, who has either:
– In their own capacity, successfully started a new business in Kenya
– In their own capacity, successfully opened a national branch of a pre-existing company
– As a part of the Volontariat International en Entreprises (VIE) program, successfully developed the activities of their parent company in their own capacity

Requirements for this Award
The following requirements need to be met to be eligible for the award:
– You are a member of the French Chamber of Commerce Kenya (2020 payment completed)
– You have started your business, or established a country branch in Kenya or participated in the VIE program as a business developer
– You will be present at the French Chamber Awards & Gala night

Application process
– Applications must be submitted, in full, by the close of business on Friday 6th March 2020
– Before the 13th of March 2020, the top 3 nominees of this category will be chosen by the jury and announced.
– The public will then be given an opportunity to vote on social media until the 18th of February.
– The top 2 candidates will then be selected for the 2nd vote.
– The 2nd and final vote will be done by the Jury
– The same company can apply for all the 3 categories but the company can be nominated for only 1 of them (the jury will make this selection).

It is assured that no personal information, data or figure, will be provided to third parties without your explicit consent.

APPLY NOW ! Click on the underlined link at the beginning of this section to download the application form.

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